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Leading Supplier of Power Grip and Power Gold Polypropylene Ropes in Eastern India


What Are The Components And Applications Of Polypropylene Ropes

Polypropylene (PP) ropes are one of the most common types of ropes used in day-to-day life. Utilised in a range of industries, these products have multiple applications. Read More>>>>>

Know More About Ropes Before You Start Using Polypropylene Ropes

Not everyone is aware of the fact that ropes are one of the most used and oldest tools. It is not only about India but they are also shipped to other countries and have numerous applications Read More>>>>>

Say Yes To A Healthy Lifestyle By Choosing Safe Plastic Containers

Do you know the exponential growth of plastic usage is threatening the survival of this planet? Sadly, plastic usage is inescapable sometimes, particularly when it comes to food packaging Read More>>>>>

Time To Know The Difference Between Polypropylene And Polyethylene

Just look around us and you will see a wide variety of plastic products like plumbing pipes, dental fillings, phones, bottles, cars and eyeglass lenses, among others Read More>>>>>

Methods Of Recycling Different Kinds Of Plastics

Though plastic is an affordable and versatile material offering hundreds of benefits, they are one of the most notable reasons behind pollution Read More>>>>>

Can All Types Of Plastics Be Recycled? What Is The Common Destiny Of The Recycled Plastics?

Not all plastics can be recycled. Only a few versions are recyclable. However, you don't need to have detailed knowledge of what kind of plastic you are using and recycling Read More>>>>>

Willing To Recycle Polypropylene Ropes? Know More About The Process

The demand for polypropylene has enhanced drastically in the last few years as they are nowadays being widely used to make various plastic parts Read More>>>>>

What Are Advantages Of Polypropylene Ropes In Everyday Life?

Whether for decorating interior of the home or industrial purposes, ropes are one of the most versatile products having varied functionalities.Read More>>>>>

Here are the Undeniable Benefits of Using Polypropylene Ropes

As time has gone on, one of the materials to have become rather popular for making ropes is polypropylene.Read More>>>>>

Tips To Cut Polypropylene Ropes In The Perfect Manner

It is always suggested to use a webbing cutter while cutting weave webbings and Polypropylene Ropes to ensure getting the best outcomes Read More>>>>>

What Are Some Common Uses Of Polypropylene Ropes

Polypropylene ropes are often regarded for their high degree of strength, abrasion resistance, ductility, buoyancy and UV resistance. Read More>>>>>

4 Common Types Of Polypropylene Ropes Suitable For Outdoors

Just visit a renowned polypropylene rope supplier and you will be surprised to see the wide variety of products offered by them. Read More>>>>>

What Are The Essential Benefits Of Using Polypropylene Ropes?

Though they are general purpose ropes, Polypropylene Ropes are better than their common counterparts in a number of ways. They are ideal for domestic use as well as commercial use and even leisure purpose. Read More>>>>>

Know More About PP Danline Ropes Before Approaching A Manufacturer

If you are looking for polypropylene ropes with better strength and longer lives, the PP danline ropes are exactly what you need Read More>>>>>

Time To Know A Bit More About The Useful Polypropylene Ropes

One of the main reasons why the demand for polypropylene ropes has enhanced drastically in the last few years is because they are affordable, strong, versatile and available in various colours Read More>>>>>

All You Need To Know About Using High-Quality Polypropylene Ropes

Do you wish to buy multi-purpose ropes which can stand the test of time? Are you on the lookout for premium quality and lightweight ropes that fit your budget? Read More>>>>>

5 Reasons to Approach the Best Polypropylene Ropes Supplier Today

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer with a wide range of applications. One of these applications, and possibly the most important, is its use in the making of ropes. Read More>>>>>

A Few Important Things To Know About Polypropylene Danline Ropes

Danline ropes also known as PP Danline ropes are special type of rope made from polypropylene yarn extruded by the best extruders....... Read More>>>>>

4 Benefits Of Purchasing Products From A Reputed PP Ropes Supplier

Do you need polypropylene ropes for industrial applications? Getting high-quality products from an eminent manufacturer can be the key to avail ropes which stand the test of time....... Read More>>>>>

Enhance Your Knowledge About PP Ropes Before Approaching A Manufacturer

Polypropylene or PP ropes are manufactured by combining various propylene monomers. They are widely used for packing consumer products and manufacturing plastic products for the automotive industry.......... Read More>>>>>

Product Range

  • Power Grip Utility Products - PP Danline Rope (Black/Orange Tracer Yarn and White)
  • Power Gold Utility Products - Parapro Polypropylene Rope

These products are better than the conventional mono ropes. The coil lengths vary from 110 metres to 330 metres and are available in 3 strands. To avail ropes of longer lengths, feel free to contact Crown Industries anytime.

  • Power Gold Parapro Polypropylene Ropes

    Power Gold Parapro Polypropylene Ropes

  • Power Grip Danline Ropes(White)

    Power Grip Danline Ropes(White)

  • Power Grip Danline Ropes(with orange tracer yarn)

    Power Grip Danline Ropes(with orange tracer yarn)

  • Power Grip P P Danline Ropes

    Power Grip P P Danline Ropes


  • Industrial and Transport
  • Commercial and Packaging
  • Marine and Fisheries
  • Engineering & Construction Industry
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