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Leading Supplier of Power Grip and Power Gold Polypropylene Ropes in Eastern India

Here are the Undeniable Benefits of Using Polypropylene Ropes

Application of Polypropylene Ropes

As time has gone on, one of the materials to have become rather popular for making ropes is polypropylene. There are quite a few good reasons for it too, keeping in mind the number of benefits that become available as a result of it. PP ropes, as they are called in short, can be as easily used for domestic use and they can be used for commercial purposes. An ever-increasing number of people are starting to realise the advantages that are associated with ropes made from polypropylene and using these ropes on a bigger and bigger scale. In case you are dissatisfied with the quality of the ropes that you are currently using or are simply looking for a high-quality rope as a first-time user, read on to know the advantages that you can expect to enjoy by using PP ropes.

Why You Should Consider Using PP Ropes for All Purposes

  • Strength

The best thing about polypropylene ropes is the strength that it possesses. It can be used for a variety of high-tension tasks and you can rest assured that it will hold on to its integrity like you never imagined. The thing that needs to be understood is that polypropylene itself is a very sturdy material, so you can take it for a fact that if you are using a rope made from PP, it will be an extremely strong and will rarely give way.

  • Rot-resistant

It can often happen that you are not using your PP rope and it has been lying in a corner of your storage room for a few months. With many other materials, you will have to contend with the rope starting to rot, and on the first occasion that you use it after a gap of time, it can give way and break, leading to stress for you. This will never be the case with ropes made from polypropylene, and you can expect them to be completely resistant to rot if you happen not to use it for a few months, or even a year or two.

  • Water-floatable

Another aspect of PP ropes that can come in to be extremely handy, especially in boatyards, is the fact that these ropes can seamlessly float on water. When you combine this fact with the rot-resistant feature, you can really understand the benefit that it offers. You can use these ropes to keep a boat close to the shore and put it into use as and when you need it.

  • Choice of Colours

It might not seem like it is very impressive, but when you factor in that one of the jobs that a polypropylene rope is expected to do is to keep a boat near the shore, the colourful appearance makes it rather easy to identify on the water.

These are the benefits of using PP ropes, and it is because of these benefits that these ropes have become so popular over the years.

Product Range

  • Power Grip Utility Products - PP Danline Rope (Black/Orange Tracer Yarn and White)
  • Power Gold Utility Products - Parapro Polypropylene Rope

These products are better than the conventional mono ropes. The coil lengths vary from 110 metres to 330 metres and are available in 3 strands. To avail ropes of longer lengths, feel free to contact Crown Industries anytime.

  • Power Gold Parapro Polypropylene Ropes

    Power Gold Parapro Polypropylene Ropes

  • Power Grip Danline Ropes(White)

    Power Grip Danline Ropes(White)

  • Power Grip Danline Ropes(with orange tracer yarn)

    Power Grip Danline Ropes(with orange tracer yarn)

  • Power Grip P P Danline Ropes

    Power Grip P P Danline Ropes


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