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Methods Of Recycling Different Kinds Of Plastics

Application of PP Ropes

Though plastic is an affordable and versatile material offering hundreds of benefits, they are one of the most notable reasons behind pollution. Some of the most bothersome and budding environmental issues caused by overuse of plastics may include microbeads problems and oceanic garbage patches. Since it is quite difficult to survive without plastic considering its benefits, it is absolutely possible to recycle them to alleviate its negative effects on Mother Nature. However, to recycle plastics including polypropylene ropes, it is necessary to know plastic number and the type of plastics that your local governing authority's recycling services accepts. Many facilities accept plastics from #1 to #7, so check beforehand to ensure smooth proceedings.

Recycling By The Number Of The Plastic

You will find a single digit between 1 and 7 surrounded by a small triangle of arrows, which was blueprinted by the SPI (The Society of the Plastic Industry) on the plastic containers to help recyclers as well as the consumers to differentiate and recognise the type of plastic. Also, the number allows the recyclers to do the job of recycling even more efficiently. Let's find out different salvage methods for different types of plastics based on their number.


This, also known as polyethylene terephthalate, is the most commonly used plastic assigned with #1. It is used for manufacturing beverage containers, medicine containers and other type storage containers. After being processed by recyclers, it can be used as fiberfill for the sleeping bags, winter coats and even life jackets. However, this kind of plastic shouldn't be used for reusable water containers.


High density polyethylene plastic or HDPE is used for producing heavy containers for bleaches and detergents as well as storing shampoo, milk and even motor oil. This is labeled as #2 and used after being recycled for manufacturing truck bed liner, piping, and rope.


#3 the plastic number of vinyl. This kind of plastic is mostly used for shower curtains, plastic pipes, vinyl dashboards, and medical tubing. After being recycled, it can be grounded up and refurbished for the purpose of window frames and floors.


Low density polyethylene is a demarked as #4. This is used for manufacturing grocery bags, wrapping films as well as for soft packaging.


PP or polypropylene is labeled as #5. They are strong and sturdy by nature. Usually PP is used for making food containers and polypropylene ropes.


Polystyrene or PP is denoted by #6. Products like disposable cutlery, peanut packing, meat trays and coffee cups. PP can be reprocessed into different items like rigid insulation. Be careful; foam version of this plastic often picks up plenty of dust as well as other contaminants while being handled. And thus they usually end up being thrown away at the recycling centres.


Plastics that are denoted as #7 or just nothing are produced from different combinations of aforementioned types of plastics or from some other unique plastic combinations that are not much used. These plastics are hardly recyclable. If your municipality or corporation accepts this plastic, it is good. Otherwise, just throw it in the garbage or repurpose.

Plastics are imprinted with numbers ranging between #1 and #7 as already discussed. Different kinds of plastics are recycled differently. You need to understand your type of plastic goods and accordingly get it recycled at the recycle facility.

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