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Leading Supplier of Power Grip and Power Gold Polypropylene Ropes in Eastern India

What Are Polypropylene Ropes

PP Ropes

Polypropylene (PP) ropes, are made of Polypropylene - a lightweight thermoplastic fibre. It bears a low energy surface which is slippery in nature. Because the material is not denser than water, it is suitable for marine usage. The rope floats on water and does not allow water to seep in. Further, PP ropes can efficiently resist rot. This apart, they are also easily available and affordable.

This product still remains as one of the most popular choices of ropes amongst average consumers. Its utilitarian value is high and appearances appealing. It can be availed in a variety of diameters, braiding styles, and colours as well.

PP is a low-density commodity plastic which shows high mechanical strength and flexibility. It is very much resistant to fatigue and hence, can bear loads to a great extent. Its synthesis is easy and economical. It can be manufactured via various moulding and extrusion processes. The best part is, it is a recyclable material, and hence, causes less stress on the environment.

Pronounced application of this product can be seen in marine business, docks, swimming pools, water sports, everyday packaging requirements, and more.

Prime Features Of PP Ropes

  • Best in the general purpose grade.
  • The only kind that floats in water
  • Lightweight and highly visible
  • Not prone to rotting
  • Does not support mould growth
  • Resistant to moisture and chemical corrosion
  • Smooth, flexible, tough, and heavy-duty
  • Available in various dimensions
  • Incredible value for money

Product Range

  • Power Grip Utility Products - PP Danline Rope (Black/Orange Tracer Yarn and White)
  • Power Gold Utility Products - Parapro Polypropylene Rope

These products are better than the conventional mono ropes. The coil lengths vary from 110 metres to 330 metres and are available in 3 strands. To avail ropes of longer lengths, feel free to contact Crown Industries anytime.

  • Power Gold Parapro Polypropylene Ropes

    Power Gold Parapro Polypropylene Ropes

  • Power Grip Danline Ropes(White)

    Power Grip Danline Ropes(White)

  • Power Grip Danline Ropes(with orange tracer yarn)

    Power Grip Danline Ropes(with orange tracer yarn)

  • Power Grip P P Danline Ropes

    Power Grip P P Danline Ropes


  • Industrial and Transport
  • Commercial and Packaging
  • Marine and Fisheries
  • Engineering & Construction Industry
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