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Can All Types Of Plastics Be Recycled? What Is The Common Destiny Of The Recycled Plastics?

Application of PP Ropes

Not all plastics can be recycled. Only a few versions are recyclable. However, you don't need to have detailed knowledge of what kind of plastic you are using and recycling. All you need to follow as you are directed from your recycling company. Just salvage whatever you can to fortify a lighter footprint on the planet.

Nevertheless, if you are interested about what type of plastics are recycled and what the fate of recycled plastics is, here is a brief discussion that intimate about commonly recyclable plastics. As it comes to plastic recycling, a resin code is mentioned on the plastic packaging. It denotes the type of plastic.

Resin Code#1- 1 PET


These are polyethylene terephthalate plastics that are strong and clear by nature. They are good moisture barrier. While being woven with fabric, it is called as polyester. This kind of plastic is used for condiment bottles, beverage bottles, condiment jars and bottles, trays used for frozen foods, mouthwash, clamshell containers, carpeting, clothing and different toiletry containers.


After being recycled, PET is transformed into t-shirts, fleece jackets, leggings, bottles, car upholstery and carpeting.

Resin Code#2 - HDPE


This is a type of polyethylene with high density. It is rigid by nature and that helps them being corrosion resistant while exposed to different types of substances. These plastics are typically used for bleach bottles and laundry detergent, juice and milk sachets, shampoo as well as other commonly used toiletry bottles and also vitamin bottles.


After recycled, they can be used for making plastic jugs, plastic bottles, outdoor furniture, playground equipment and deck lumber.

Resin Code #3 - PVC


These are polyvinyl chloride offering high impact strength, transparency and corrosion resistance. They are often used for rigid packaging like rigid films, clamshells, flooring and window frame, pipes, electrical wire insulation and siding.


They can be used after being cast-off as floor mats and tiles, garden hoses, pipes, mud flap for trucks, carpet backing, traffic cones, credit cards, key cards and lots more.

Resin Code #4 - LDPE


LDPE or Low Density Polyethylene is flexible and opaque form of plastics used for bags, wraps for packaging products like cases of diapers and water bottles as well as mail-ordered garment packaging and other films.


After being reprocessed, LDPE can be used for making floor tiles, trash cans and compost bins.

Resin Code #5 - PP


Polypropylene or PP is a form of durable plastic that can withstand a wide range of substances and temperatures. The plastic is mostly used for containers of margarine and yogurt, caps of beverage bottles, drink cups, containers for reusable food, deli containers and lots more.


Once recycled, the plastic is used for mixing bowls, cutting boards, watering cans, cases of automotive battery, ice scrapers, spatulas, shipping pallets, storage bins and so on.

Resin Code #6 - PS


PS or polystyrene is a special type of plastic which is known for its versatility. It is rigid and opaque by nature. PS is used for plates, cups, cutlery, trays of poultry and meat, building insulation, clamshell containers and lots more.


After being salvaged, it is used for egg cartons, molding, insulation, picture frames and foam protective package.

Nature and past-recycling use of most common types of plastics namely PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP and PS are mentioned in this article. All of them differ by individual nature and recycling outcome.

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