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What Are The Components And Applications Of Polypropylene Ropes?

Power Grip Ropes Application

Do you need high-quality ropes which stand the test of time? Does selecting the ideal rope strength and type for a particular job have your brain in knots? Polypropylene ropes can be the perfect choice for you. Polypropylene or PP ropes are great general-purpose ropes, suited for domestic use, business use and leisure. Are you wondering what makes these ropes the right choice for you? Read on.

PP ropes are woven from three-string yarn for utmost durability and potency. Available in a range of diameters and colours, this adaptable rope has a range of benefits. Since polypropylene has high melting point than that of common polymers, it is highly resistant to heat and friction. Thanks to its low-density textile fibres, PP rope is both durable and strong. It is owing to these characteristics that PP ropes are one of the most widely used ropes.

Here's all you need to know about these ropes.

Components Of Polypropylene Ropes

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic "addition polymer" which forms by linking monomers. Even though polypropylene has similar properties to that of polyethylene, PP rope is more resistant and harder than polyethylene. Usually, it has a specific weight of 0.91, making it lighter than water.

Characteristics of Polypropylene (PP)

  • Elasticity & Toughness

Polypropylene will act with elasticity over a particular range of deflection. Yet, it will experience plastic deformation early on in the deformation process. So, it is considered as a tough material.

  • Insulation

This is another great characteristic of polypropylene. Polypropylene ropes have high resistance to electricity and are very useful for electronic components.

  • Chemical Resistance

Diluted acids and bases don't react readily with polypropylene. This makes it the ideal choice for containers of liquids like first-aid products, cleaning agents and more.

  • Transmissivity

Although polypropylene can be easily made transparent, it is produced to be naturally opaque in colour. Polypropylene is used for applications where some transfer of light is essential or is of aesthetic value.

  • Fatigue Resistance

PP rope can retain its shape after a lot of bending, torsion and flexing. This is valuable, especially for making living hinges.

Applications Of PP Ropes

PP ropes find their applicability in numerous domestic, industrial and commercial sectors. This includes

  • Agriculture Industry

During crop production and harvesting.

  • Maritime Business

During mooring, barge lines and ship docking.

  • Logistic & Cargo Industries

During the packaging and transportation of goods.

  • Fishing & Marine Industries

For fisheries, aquafarming and pisciculutre.

  • Sugar Industry

For sugar slings

  • Engineering & Construction Industry

For lifting, building safety nests.

  • Telecommunication Industries

For laying telecommunication ropes.

  • Material Handling & Rigging

In oil fields.

PP ropes are the ideal choice for a range of industries. So what are you still waiting for? Quickly approach a leading supplier of PP ropes and start benefiting from high-quality products!

Product Range

  • Power Grip Utility Products - PP Danline Rope (Black/Orange Tracer Yarn and White)
  • Power Gold Utility Products - Parapro Polypropylene Rope

These products are better than the conventional mono ropes. The coil lengths vary from 110 metres to 330 metres and are available in 3 strands. To avail ropes of longer lengths, feel free to contact Crown Industries anytime.

  • Power Gold Parapro Polypropylene Ropes

    Power Gold Parapro Polypropylene Ropes

  • Power Grip Danline Ropes(White)

    Power Grip Danline Ropes(White)

  • Power Grip Danline Ropes(with orange tracer yarn)

    Power Grip Danline Ropes(with orange tracer yarn)

  • Power Grip P P Danline Ropes

    Power Grip P P Danline Ropes


  • Industrial and Transport
  • Commercial and Packaging
  • Marine and Fisheries
  • Engineering & Construction Industry
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